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          China 。develops uniq~ue heat-resistant material for hyperso~nic aircraft[2020-08-23]
          ;Resolve to resume production cr|ucial to China’s economic restart[2020-08-25]
          G,lobal Times 。- Toyo|ta to start plant[2020-08-19]
          People p|repare for u“pc|oming presidential election in Kabul, Afghanistan[2020-08-14]
          Iran m|edia group accuses US of stealing its .co“m[2020-08-20]
          NBA regular season simply a way to earn money before the play:o|ffs begin[2020-08-2]
          Tokyo touris,t sites nearly emp|ty as coronavirus bites[2020-08-25]
          China wins fi,rst-ever Winter Pa|ralympic medal w。ith gold in wheelchair curling[2020-08-21]
          Eld“erly caregivers live u|p to five years longer: Austn study[2020-08-27]
          Mainland embraces kinder, gen;tler fir|ings - 。GlobalTimes[2020-08-22]
          China pledges 60 mln USD gran|t to AU in secu,rity cooperation[2016-9-22]
          FAW to inv|est 900 million~ |yuan to develop C303 sedan - GlobalTimes[2017-2-30]
          Australia bushfires a wake-up call for~ the 。“world[2019-6-22]
          Trade war, Huawei ban to hit profits,~ growth outlook of US tech giants[2017-3-16]
          SK opens high-speed line t:o Winter Games venues[2016-4-7]
          South K:orean cyclist in accident while trai|ning for Rio Ol。ympics[2019-5-21]
          Raging bushfires expose multiple g|ov~ernance| woes of Australia[2019-4-8]
          Thieves make wine hei~st a。t top Parisi。an restaurant[2015-1-7]
          Trump “nominates former De;lta executiv。e to lead federal aviation authority[2019-1-5]
          Trump nominates new US Air Force Sec|。,retary[2016-11-1]
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