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          Informal me。eting of Xi and 。Modi in Wuhan[2020-06-22]
          Fi|nal span of new Genoa bridge raised in pre~sence of Italian PM[2020-06-15]
          Xi to ;visit Greece, attend BRICS Summit in Braz~i;l[2020-06-29]
          Chinese naval fle|et wraps up far sea exerc;ise deep in Pacific Ocean[2020-06-30]
          ‘The Evil With|i~n’ video game crafted to be ,scary fun[2020-06-11]
          The| West cannot drive a wedge between China, Indonesi|a[2020-06-29]
          Attention 。to risk o。f social unrest in the US requ;ired[2020-06-11]
          Rec,ent disruptive, violent acts harm Hong Kongs economy: govt officials[2020-06-13]
          Chinese fans celebrate actress Meryl Streep’s 70th birthday; ;on s|ocial media[2020-06-17]
          R. Kelly f,aces; new sex abuse charges[2020-06-12]
          Chinese publishers parti“ci~pate in intl book fair in “Tunis[2019-8-25]
          Volvo lowers pr~,ices in Chin~a - GlobalTimes[2016-3-20]
          Chinas polar icebreaker Xuelong 2, docks a|t port o|f Hobart, Australia[2015-10-23]
          Medical cooperation a breakthrough for ,Chi|na-Vatican ties: Chinese observers[2017-4-1]
          People across wor|ld celebrate upcom~ing ,Chinese New Year[2015-6-27]
          China awards May 4th ;Medal to outstanding i|ndividuals, groups, including Li Wenlia:ng[2018-7-8]
          Vietnamese PM urges locals not to jo|in "illeg|a:l demonstration"[2017-5-21]
          Opera ‘Peac,eful Ye~a|r’ to come to Tianqiao Theater[2017-10-24]
          DPRK fires; at least 1 uniden|tifi|ed projectile into East Sea: Yonhap[2017-1-31]
          Spurs’ Son begins t。hree-week militar|y training: report[2015-7-5]
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